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The Audi RS 7 has been given a longer name and over 700 horsepower

With the addition of an S, the tuner ABT Sportline has conjured a total of 720 horsepower out of the 4-liter V8 engine in the Audi RS 7, RS7-S!

With the introduction of the latest special model, ABT Sportsline has added another high performance complete body kit to the range of "S" models.

The 720 horsepower RS7-S is the perfect companion to the recently introduced RS3-S with up to 460 hp, the RS4-S with 510 horsepower and the RS6-S, which has a whopping 720 hp.

The RS7-S has 120 horsepower more than Audi thinks it is necessary to equip the factory car with. The torque has also grown from 700 Nm to a solid 950 Nm.

ABT Sportline tells this in a press release .

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As usual from ABT, the newest member of the model series impresses not only with its outstanding performance. Visually, work has also been done on the already evil German.

The aerodynamic package consists of glossy, visible carbon fiber on the lower lip of the bumper, side skirts and spoiler.

The ABT exhaust system is paired with an adjustable chassis and tighter-tuned anti-roll bars to help tame the power. Add to that a new exhaust system in stainless steel with four tailpipes in 102 millimeter size. Per piece that is.

The 22" lightweight rims are optional extras, but hardly something you can do without now that you're ticking off the order form anyway.

The rear tires must otherwise be fitted with 285/30-22 rubber in that case. And then there is the list of additional extras.

So a steering wheel in carbon fibre, shift pedals behind the steering wheel in the same material, an even tighter threaded chassis and a sports steering wheel in alcantara with '12 o'clock' markings. That way, you know exactly when the wheels are pointing straight out.

The price? Well, what are you saying? If you need to ask, you probably can't afford it anyway. Having said that, we can state that a 'regular' Audi RS 7 costs from DKK 2,626,990 in Denmark. But then the registration fee is also paid.

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Audi RS 7 har fået et længere navn og over 700 hestekræfter
Credit: Abt Sportline

Audi RS 7 har fået et længere navn og over 700 hestekræfter
Credit: Abt Sportline


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