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Now Fisker in Denmark has also sought bankruptcy protection

The problems for Fisker Inc. is growing. Now the company announces that all subsidiaries are also seeking bankruptcy protection in the USA.

Fisker is on the brink of bankruptcy so much that it has sought protection from its creditors via a so-called 'Chapter 11' in the USA.

Initially, Fisker wrote that it only applied to the company in the USA. But now it turns out that this applies to the entire business. So also the Danish part.

This is stated by the car brand in a press release .

First, Fisker said other domestic and non-US subsidiaries "were not included in the brand's bankruptcy protection filing."

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Already in connection with the first announcement about the bankruptcy protection, Fisker announced that they are looking for a buyer for all assets in the company. According to the Danish industry analyst, these cannot be much more than a stock of cars from last year's production.

Cars that have not yet been sold. Biler Fisker in other words tries to offer to his very few remaining employees for as little as 150,000 kroner. Read more about it here.

Fisker is believed to have up to 6,000 cars kept in warehouses around. Below are plans and drawings for three more cars, i.a. a pickup named Alaska, which Fisker did not get started.

Another car is the smaller SUV Fisker Pear, which is scheduled to launch with 'transparent A-pillars'. But the company's situation makes it highly doubtful whether the car will even become a reality.

However, not everyone believes that Fisker will go bankrupt. Among other things. a dealer who claims to have sold 35 Fisker Ocean since May 1 was busy this week assuring that he does not believe in bankruptcy. Read more about it here .

Now Fisker in Denmark has also sought bankruptcy protection
Pear is one of the cars Fisker dreamed of building. Now it looks black. Credit: Fisher

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