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English police seize 214,000 cars a year

Seen in relation to how many cars the English remove from the roads each year, the National Police's number of seized cars seems almost trivial.

In England, they do not operate with the concept of a merry-go-round – at least not in the same way as their Danish colleagues.

But that doesn't mean law enforcement refrains from impounding cars. On the contrary, cars with English number plates are largely removed from the roads every year.

A calculation from National Scrap Car shows that in 2023 alone, the English police seized a whopping 214,051 cars per year. This corresponds to more than 586 cars per day. The reasons why the police seize the cars are very different.

But most drivers have to surrender some because they drive around either without the statutory insurance or the driving license – or both for that matter.

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However, not all the cars are intact when the police come after some. Figures from 26 out of England's 45 police districts reveal that in 2023 alone, 49,287 cars were impounded because they had been involved in a road accident.

That's almost 10,000 more cars than the number the police took with them after similar situations in 2022. In most of these cases, the cars cannot be recovered or they are held as evidence.

Other cars that the police impound have been involved in thefts or have been stolen at some point. But in as many as 8,190 cases the cars had simply been abandoned.

Abandoned cars are not as uncommon as you might think. On the other side of the Atlantic, the American city of Oakland is flooded with abandoned cars. Read more about it here.

Here at home, the National Police was recently able to say that almost 3,000 cars have been seized in the three years that the law has been in existence, due to crazy traffic alone.

Already in 2022, however, it emerged that the vast majority of crazy drivers do not actually drive crazy fast. Instead, the vast majority fall into the trap of smoking because they have drunk far too much.

This was also the case for a now 36-year-old woman, who made a huge fool of herself after she had been mistaken for crazy. In court, she even began to rant. Read more about it here .

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