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Austria introduces crazy driver law based on the Danish model

On the first of March, Austria introduced a law against reckless driving that is even stricter than Denmark's. Three days later, the police took the first car.

On the first of March this year, Austria, following the Danish example, introduced a law against reckless driving.

The law means, similar to the one here at home, that the police can impound cars if the driver is speeding too fast.

This is written by Autobild .

In Austria, however, they are even stricter towards the crazy drivers. Here, a car can be impounded as soon as the speed is over 60 km/h in an urban zone or over 70 km/h on the country road.

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It didn't last more than 72 hours before the first driver had to hand over both car and driver's license to the police in the district of Josefstadt in Vienna.

A 28-year-old man could see the police seize his Volkswagen Scirocco because the car was measured at a speed of 114 km/h.

The driver is now charged as the first crazy driver in Austria. And it is far from certain that he will ever see the Scirocco again, especially because, according to the police, this is not the first time the 28-year-old has found himself on the wrong side of the traffic law.

However, the new law is not only aimed at motorists who repeatedly speed. The Austrian state can ultimately confiscate the car already in the first instance.

As a starting point, a car used for speeding in Austria is impounded for 14 days if the speed is over 60 km/h in urban zones or 70 km/h outside these.

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But the car is permanently confiscated when/if the speed is exceeded by more than 80 km/h in urban areas or 90 km/h on country roads.

After this, the cars will be sold at auction, just like in Denmark. 70 percent of the revenue from the sale will go to the state treasury, while the remaining 30 percent must cover costs in connection with the individual court cases.

In addition, Austria is increasing the size of speed booths. Now the penalty fluctuates from 500 euros, corresponding to just under 3,800 Danish kroner, to 7,500 euros, which is 55,900 Danish kroner.

Read more about the police's hunt for crazy drivers right here!


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