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371 employees at a car factory lose their jobs because of electric cars

It's not exactly good news coming out of the Audi factory in Brussels these days, which only builds one car. Now 371 employees will lose their jobs.

Only one car is built at Audi's factory in Brussels, Belgium.

And it is the electric car Audi Q8 e-tron, which until 2023 was simply known as the Audi e-tron. And the model is not such a big success that it can keep all the factory's employees busy.

This means that Audi is laying off staff for the first time in the factory's history. In total, 371 temporary employees out of the approximately 3,000 people at the factory have been told that they must look for other work.

Automobilwoche writes this based on a press release from Audi.

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In it, Audi factory spokesman Peter D'hoore confirms that they say goodbye to the several hundred employees.

– As we at Audi Brussels only build electric cars, we are concerned and need to adjust our production programme, reads the press release.

Audi confirms that the fired employees have been notified. It happened at the end of March. At the same time, it was announced that the number of cars on the assembly line is falling because interest in electric cars has decreased.

Audi's factory in Belgium is one of only two remaining car factories in Belgium. The other, located in the city of Ghent, is owned by Swedish-Chinese Volvo and builds, among other things, the recently renamed EX40.

However, another and newer Volvo may also come into play at the factory if the EU gets serious about the threats that are currently being made against Chinese cars. Read more about it here .

Audi is not the only car brand that is currently firing employees. Kriseramte Fisker Inc. already told back in March that you can lobby tor for money and therefore lay off 15 percent of all employees.

Here at home, too, the money-saving knife has been swung several times. Most recently, Nio in Denmark fired both rank-and-file employees and the boss. The brand, which has only sold two cars in the past quarter, however denies that it is in the process of fleeing Denmark.

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