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Thomas fears Danes will lose interest in electric cars in 2026

Right now, there is no registration tax on most electric cars in this country. But the tax is coming. And that already in 2026, as it looks now.

Brand new figures from Statistics Denmark show that 72 percent of the cars driving around Denmark right now will also be on the roads in 2030.

And in the part of Danish Industry that deals with the car industry, it is estimated that it will take decades to replace the nearly 3 million Danish fossil cars.

However, that is not the only fear that the director of the DI Bilbranchen, Thomas Moller Sorensen, is currently dealing with.

– In the industry, we are concerned about whether we can maintain the high sales of electric cars in the coming years. The registration fee is set to increase on the vast majority of electric cars in 2026.

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– We have brought this to the attention of the Danish Parliament, it is too early. In Danish Industry, we propose to maintain momentum in the high sales of electric cars by freezing the low registration tax on electric cars until 2030, says Thomas Moller Sorensen.

And he's not the only one. The director of De Danske Bilimportorer, Mads Rorvig, shares the concern.

In fact, Rorvig means the fear to such an extent that he said last year that it is no longer enough to give those who buy a new electric car special treatment in the form of lower taxes.

In order to get the rest of the motorists along, it is necessary to find the whip. In other words, the Danes must adjust and only buy electric cars. Read more about it here.

One thing, however, is what the industry in Denmark envisions. Something else is reality. Because out in the car factories, electric cars are losing steam. In fact, the car brands are almost in a row to reduce the pace.

For example, Mercedes has announced that it will take years 'for the electric car to compete with the fossil car'. Therefore, the Germans are also keeping the petrol and diesel models alive somewhat longer than otherwise planned.

So does Bentley. And at Ford, director Jim Farley has already said that the brand will forever build a sports car with a V8 engine. "Whether we are to be the last to do it", it was decided.

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