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The SUV with 489 hp is reduced in price by DKK 200,000

Are you looking for a large electric SUV at a reasonable price? So maybe the new Voyah Free is for you? Right now you save a whopping DKK 200,000.

VOYAH Denmark has announced a significant price reduction on their large electric SUV, the Free.

This SUV, barely five meters long, offers a wide range of features, including a panoramic sunroof with "frosting" effect, advanced four-wheel drive, DYNAUDIO sound system, 489 horsepower, a range of 500 kilometers and the ability to tow up to two tons .

The previously priced VOYAH Free Platinium, which cost DKK 599,990, is now sold for DKK 399,990. In other words, a saving of as much as DKK 200,000.

The Dongfeng car group, which owns VOYAH, intends to increase its market share in European markets where sales of electric cars are increasing, including Denmark.

As a result, VOYAH has significantly lowered the prices of Free to attract more customers. Alexander Bachmann, Head of Product at VOYAH Denmark, states:

"When we offer the VOYAH Free Platinium for just DKK 399,990, we know that we are significantly below the price of comparable competitors on the market. It is difficult to find a similar car with such size, power and equipment at that price, both in terms of purchase and private leasing."

"We lower the price to increase sales and to get more of our cars out on the road and thereby increase awareness of both the model and the brand. The cars arrived in April, so we can offer immediate delivery on most variants."

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At the same time, VOYAH Denmark has also reduced the private leasing price of their top model, VOYAH Free Noir, in addition to Platinium equipment, it also offers a black DINAMICA® headliner, high-gloss black rails, front grill and window moldings.

VOYAH Free Noir can be privately leased over 48 months and with 15,000 km included annually (60,000 km in the entire period) for DKK 29,995 in down payment and DKK 4,995 in monthly payments.

VOYAH Free is available for trial at your local VOYAH dealer and can be delivered immediately.

Read more about Voyah here!

The SUV with 489 hp is reduced in price by DKK 200,000
Credit: Voyah


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