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The Ford Mustang turns 60 today – will always be available with a V8

Ford's chief executive has vowed to keep the V8 engine alive for the Mustang's sake. A car that turns 60 today.

For six decades, the Ford Mustang has been synonymous with fun, freedom and a touch of wildness. Today, the legendary sports car can celebrate its 60th birthday – and even as the best-selling sports car globally for more than 10 years.

On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was put on sale for the first time at the New York World's Fair, and already within the first year, the sports car broke a record with more than 418,000 cars sold.

Since the launch of the first Mustang 60 years ago, the car has become an iconic and sought-after sports car around the world right up to today.

This is what the Danish importer writes in a press release .

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As part of the celebration of the Ford Mustang's 60th birthday, Ford can today reveal two new Mustang variants in Europe – Mustang California Special, Mustang GT Nite Pony.

The new Mustang California Special convertible is inspired by the variant that was first introduced in 1968, and which has now been given a modern twist. Meanwhile, a brand new Mustang GT Nite Pony gives the car even more character with new styling. The Mustang Nite Pony is available as both a coupe and convertible.

Prices for the Mustang Nite Pony start from DKK 971,097 on the Danish market.

Also within motorsport, the Ford Mustang has been very successful with various records around the world.

The first victory came already within the first year after the launch, and since then the Mustang has competed in numerous motorsport leagues until today. This summer, Ford returns to Le Mans with the Mustang Dark Horse Spec R, GT4 and Mustang GT3.

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The Ford Mustang turns 60 today - will always be available with a V8
Credit: Ford


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