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Subaru's fastest "street car" ever will never be built

The two-liter boxer engine produces 670 horsepower and 920 newton meters. Unfortunately, the new WRX will never go into production.

There is both good and bad news when Subaru appears this week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. The Japanese are bringing their fastest street car ever.

But… the car, a WRX, will never be built. At least not for any kind of serial production. Instead, Project Midnight is little more than a blistering prototype.

A proof of how much muscle you can pump out of a relatively small engine with just four cylinders. And there is more to come.

Because the little engine takes a staggering 9,500 revolutions per minute at the top. All jumps are, as we know Subaru, sent out to and distributed between all four wheels.

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The rims are 18" large all around and shod in 280 millimeter wide tires. Otherwise, Project Midnight is quite a lightweight. Compared to the regular WRX, the prototype has shed a whopping 454 kilos.

Racer Korer Scott Speed already has the car. About it he says it is half/half. So half sports car, half racing car. Unfortunately, very few people ever get the opportunity to prove that statement.

Project Midnight must never be put into production. Unfortunately, this is generally the case with many of the car manufacturers' wildest projects. They never become anything other than a show-off.

One prototype that actually ended up becoming a street car was the Ford Sierra RS500. In 2020, one of just four prototypes was looking for a new owner. Read more about it here .

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  • Subarus hurtigste gadebil nogensinde har 670 hestekræfter
  • Subarus hurtigste gadebil nogensinde har 670 hestekræfter
  • Subarus hurtigste gadebil nogensinde har 670 hestekræfter
  • Subarus hurtigste gadebil nogensinde har 670 hestekræfter


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