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Opel presents a brand new top model – see the pictures here

Opel promises a range of 700 km in the brand new top model Grandland SUV. See the last new pictures here!

Just two weeks after the German carmaker showed the first images of the compact SUV Frontera, the brand is at play again. Now the veil is lifted for the all-new Opel Grandland, built on the new battery-focused STLA Medium platform, which offers up to 700 kilometers of range, the latest technology with, among other things, Intelli-Lux Pixel HD lighting system with over 50,000 individual LED elements as well as dynamic and elegant design both externally and in the cabin.

“The new Grandland is a milestone for Opel, as all Opel models are now available as an electric car. This is a big step in our electric offensive. The new Grandland was designed and developed in Rüsselsheim and will be produced in Eisenach. The kinship with the Opel Experimental concept car is unmistakable. The new Opel offers innovations first seen on the exceptional concept car. Therefore, the new Grandland will strengthen our position in the important C-SUV segment," says Opel CEO Florian Huettl.

Electric focused platform allows for ranges of up to 700 km (WLTP)
The new Grandland is the first Opel to use the new Stellantis STLA Medium platform, which has been developed with a focus on electric cars. Thanks to the new platform's architecture, the batteries can be packed compactly and flat in the car and hold up to 98 kWh, which, with several different energy-saving measures such as the heat pump, can bring the range up to 700 km. Fast charging from a public charging station can recharge the battery to 80 percent capacity in approx. 26 minutes.

3D Vizor front, illuminated Blitz logo, Edge light technology and Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD
The new Grandland must function as Opel's top model, and therefore emphasis has been placed on the car's appearance. Fortunately, the STLA Medium platform offers many options, including the new SUV has become significantly larger than its predecessor. To be precise, the length has been increased by 173 mm, the height by 19 mm, and 64 mm has been added to the width (length: 4,650 mm, height: 1,660 mm, width: 1,905 mm).

This has given the appearance of the new Grandland plenty of character and dynamism. To further make the German SUV stand out, the designers have used a new interpretation of Opel's characteristic "face" Vizor grille. The newly developed 3D Vizor front combines the horizontal grille and wing-shaped corner lights with the new Blitz logo, which is illuminated with Edge lighting technology and sends a salute to Opel's Experimental concept car. Incidentally, it is also the first time that Opel has introduced illuminated "OPEL" letters on the rear. If you really want to stand out in traffic, the Opel Grandland is available with up to 20" rims.

Opel præsenterer helt ny topmodel - se billederne her
Credit: Opel

Opel is known for its advanced matrix lights, and they were the first to introduce them in the smaller and cheaper segments. In Grandland, Opel presents the brand new and innovative Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD light. The system is equipped with 51,200 light elements, 25,600 on each side, and provides an even sharper and more precise light than the previous matrix technology – still completely without dazzling oncoming road users.

The Grandland's long wheelbase of 2,784 mm gives the large SUV an elongated dynamic appearance, which is further emphasized by the black roof. Like the existing Opel models, the design is kept elegant and tight, while the lines around the wheel arches are sharply cut to visually highlight the wheels and the robust protective panels at the bottom of the car's side. The long wheelbase also provides good space in the cabin, and the rear seats can be folded down in a 40:20:40 configuration, which gives up to 1,641 liters of luggage space.

Spacious interior with 16" infotainment screen, AGR seats and smart storage solutions
The interior mirrors the exterior with a tight and clear design. The 16" infotainment screen is turned slightly towards the driver, and the center console is positioned high, giving the driver's seat in the otherwise spacious cabin a sporty and intimate choir position. The digital instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel shows information related to the car and ensures that the driver can focus on enjoying the ride and use the Intelli-HUD head-up display to get more information.

If you prefer to avoid unnecessary distraction during driving, you can choose Pure Mode, after which information in the instrument panel, head-up display and infotainment screen is kept to an absolute minimum. This function is particularly useful during night traffic and in rainy weather. Very typical for Opel, there are physical buttons for functions that are most often used – e.g. air conditioning control.

The instrument panel is divided horizontally by an "Edge light", which is based on the same technology as on the Vizor grill on the front of the car. The upper half is held in fabric and gives the interior a tactile and welcoming appearance, while the surface under the Edge light is a transparent glass-like surface that mirrors and reflects the ambient lighting. All fabrics in the cabin are otherwise made from 100% recycled materials.

Opel præsenterer helt ny topmodel - se billederne her
Credit: Opel

You have to look good in an Opel, and the new Grandland is no exception. Opel's well-known AGR seats have naturally also found their way to Opel's top model, and they have been further developed for the occasion with even more adjustment options, ventilation and massage. In addition, the patented Intelli-Seat function, which reduces pressure on the tailbone, is standard on the front seats. In the back seat, the passengers have 20 mm more legroom compared to the predecessor.

The designers have focused on creating a versatile car. There is 35 liters of storage space in the cabin, and innovative ways have been created to make life easier for the owner in everyday life. A good example is the Pixel Box, which partly looks good in the center console wrapped in fabric and with glass that reflects the light in the cabin, and at the same time it functions as protected storage and charging of your smartphone. The transparent glass also ensures that the phone is always visible so that it is not forgotten in the car.

Several different powertrains and a wide range of assistance systems
In addition to the electric powertrains, the new Grandland comes as a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 85 km (WLTP) and as a 48-volt mild hybrid.

The new Grandland comes standard with a myriad of chore assistance systems such as automatic cruise control with stop & go, extended traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed adjustment and "in crash braking", which ensures that the car brakes in the event of an accident even after the collision.

Intelli-Drive 2.0 can be purchased and equips the car with sensors, cameras and over-the-air information that feeds various electronic assistants with data. With Intelli-Drive 2.0, the car can also park itself, has a 360-degree Intelli-Vision camera, and the rear camera is equipped with an automatic cleaning function.

Opel Denmark is looking forward to the new top model, but it has not yet been announced when the Granland will be launched in Denmark. See more for Opel here!

Opel præsenterer helt ny topmodel - se billederne her
Credit: Opel


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