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New investigation: Electric cars last much longer in the workshop

According to a new report from the German analysis company UScale, electric cars often need a workshop. Also significantly more times than new cars with a combustion engine.

The common perception of electric cars is that they require significantly less maintenance than cars with a combustion engine.

That is, solely because the electric car consists of fewer complicated parts. But, according to a new German survey, that perception must be significantly adjusted.

This is shown by a new report from the analysis firm UScale, which several media, among others, Auto News cites.

Here, 2,154 electric car owners were asked about their average three-year-old electric cars. Here, 24 percent of motorists – or almost one in four – answered that their car had to go to a workshop within the first year to have a technical fault repaired.

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19 percent have found out that the cars were recalled. And if you compare it to people in cars with internal combustion engines, it is a high number.

However, Uscale only asked 404 owners of cars with internal combustion engines, as you had to have something to compare with.

In one year, 9 percent of people in cars with internal combustion engines experienced that their cars, which were on average 3 years old, had to take a trip to the workshop to have a technical fault rectified. And only 5 percent were affected by a recall.

However, the investigation also concludes that there are large differences in how much the individual electric cars are affected by defects within a year. Nissan fares best with a 6 percent error.

Skoda owners have it worst, with defects in as many as 38 percent of the cars within 12 months. In addition, 19 percent of electric car owners say that their cars last longer than expected at the workshop.

It is 'only' six percent of people in fossil cars who can nod in recognition to that sort of thing. But this means, according to UScale, that the mechanics do not have to fear becoming unemployed because of electric cars. At least not right away.

– Many workshops are worried that with the introduction of the electric car, they will lose work. This concern appears to be unfounded at this time.

– In the slightly longer term, however, it must be expected that the electric cars will be of a better quality and that workshop visits will decrease again.

People in electric cars also have different expectations of the workshop when the car is for service or repairs.

32 percent of electric car owners expect the battery to be fully charged when the workshop has finished working on the car.

Even more – namely 73 percent of electric car owners – expect that the loan car they get into will also only run on electricity.

On the other hand, people in electric cars can be happy that there is generally a need for fewer inspections on an electric car. That is, when there are no problems with the often very technically advanced cars.

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