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Media: BMW revives legendary model in 2026

The next 6 Series from BMW is on its way. In 2026, the brand must be ready with a 6 Series that can be built as a hybrid, gasoline and purely electric car, writes the media.

The first BMW 6 Series is today a design icon with its very own name. Already when it came out in 1976, the car was called the shark nose.

The successors to the E24 model never achieved the same status or success. But this does not mean that BMW is ready to give up the idea of a 6 Series.

That's what Automotive News writes.

The media base the story on a number of confirmations from both car dealers and sub-suppliers in the car industry, who say that the new 6 Series is on the way.

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From a source, it sounds like BMW is getting ready to let the 6 Series take over in 2026. Or where the 8 Series supposedly leaves the assembly line for the last time. That is, for the time being.

– Mainstream cars are popular, but we also need niche cars. BMW is trying to adapt to what the customers want, says a dealer to the media.

The same sources more than suggest that the next 6 Series will roll out of the factory with several shapes. Specifically as a closed coupe and open cabriolet.

The question then is what BMW puts between the front wheels. A likely bid is a version of the hybrid-powered 4.4-liter V8 engine that has just found its way into the next bottling of the M5.

If it becomes any new M6, the starting point should be the same. Namely a whopping 727 horsepower and 1,000 Nm: Read more about that car here .

Breathing new life into old model designations is nothing new. But it is in return that Ford has sold the license to the original factory drawings of the Escort Mk. 1.

The car must be rebuilt according to the original drawings by an English company, which promises that there is also a new RS200 on the way. And another 5 'classic' cars from that side. That is, Ford's historic model program.

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