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Honda confirms: Prelude is making a comeback in Europe

25 years after the last Prelude was sold new in Denmark, Honda is ready to give the model a European comeback.

Whether the new Honda Prelude will come to Denmark is still unclear. But Honda will at least confirm that the model is coming to Europe.

This is stated by the Honda importer in a press release. However, without mentioning whether the car will also be part of the Danish model programme.

It happens 25 years after a Honda dealer last sold a factory-new Prelude to a Dane. Something else we need answers to is the engine program.

But in Japan, the media is already writing that Honda will equip the new Prelude with a 2-liter hybrid engine, which is already found in the Civic and Accord.

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The outside world will probably be a lot wiser when Honda presents the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month.

The Japanese car brand has just released new images of what is presumably the production model. And compared to the first Prelude from 1979, the new car is huge.

The engine choice is hardly a wet dream for Honda people and fans. The 2-liter gasoline hybrid will be used in both the Civic and Accord with 200 horsepower when they hit the market in 2025.

On the other hand, Honda – at least in the USA – promises a fuel economy of 21.3 kilometers per liter. It is far more interesting if there is room for the engine from the Civic Type R and six manual gears. That means a whopping 320 horsepower.

However, Prelude disappears almost as quickly as it has re-emerged. Honda has a plan to sell nothing but electric cars by 2040.

Honda bekræfter: Prelude får comeback i Europa
Credit: Honda

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