Thursday, June 20, 2024

Here you must see Formula 1 for the next five years

If you love watching Formula 1 on TV, there is good news for you. Because you just have to do exactly as you usually do.

Viaplay Group has entered into a historic five-year agreement with Formula 1, which ensures them exclusive rights to the sport in Denmark, the other Nordic countries and the Netherlands up to and including 2029.

This unique deal means that Viaplay will continue to bring all the exciting action of Formula 1 to screens across the region. All lobs, qualifying, practice sessions and F1 Sprint events will be broadcast live for motorsport fans to enjoy the ultimate coverage.

Viaplay will also offer exclusive documentaries and magazine programmes, giving viewers an in-depth experience of the sport and its stars.

Kevin Magnussen, who has been part of Formula 1 since 2014, is delighted that Viaplay will continue to deliver excellent motorsport content to the Danish fans. He notes that Viaplay has always been there to cover the sport throughout his career and that it has been an exciting journey to watch Formula 1 develop. He's looking forward to the upcoming seasons, which only seem to get more intense and action-packed.

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Formula 1 has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, with more than 700 million fans worldwide. This growing interest has also led to an expansion of the calendar, where 2024 will set a record with 24 lob weekends.

The growing fan base is becoming more diverse, with 40% women and a third of TV viewers under 35. In 2023, Formula 1 was the world's fastest growing major sports right on social media for the fourth consecutive year.

Viaplay will broadcast every practice and qualifying session, F1 Sprint event and Grand Prix live on their channels, giving Danish fans plenty of opportunities to follow top drivers such as Kevin Magnussen, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Week after week, Viaplay will bring all the exciting moments from the Formula 1 season to the viewers.

This historic agreement is the first of its kind between the Viaplay Group and Formula 1, and Viaplay's management is excited to continue the collaboration. With five years of security, Danish fans can look forward to broad and in-depth coverage of the sport.

Peter Norrelund, who is the EVP & Chief Sports & Business Development Officer of Viaplay Group, stated that Viaplay always strives to be at the forefront and deliver the best sports content. His colleague, Lars Bo Jeppesen, EVP Viaplay Group and CEO Viaplay Danmark, emphasizes that this five-year agreement with Formula 1 confirms Viaplay's commitment to giving sports fans the content they want.

Max Verstappen, the three-time world champion, looks forward to continuing the collaboration with Viaplay and expresses excitement about their shared focus on quality and excellence. Verstappen and Viaplay have an established partnership, with Viaplay also involved in the production of exclusive documentaries about the choirboy.

In addition to Formula 1, Viaplay's broad sports offering includes Premier League and Bundesliga soccer, PDC darts in the Netherlands, NHL ice hockey, FIS winter sports, IHF and EHF handball and golf majors in the Nordics. This wide selection makes Viaplay one of the most versatile sports providers in the region. The historic five-year agreement with Formula 1 ensures that Viaplay will continue to be the place for motorsport fans in the years to come.

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