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Despite caps on new petrol cars, Toyota's sales collapse

Sure enough, Toyota's share price has risen by 27 percent this year. But in China, sales of the brand's cars are heading for a collapse, and at home in Japan, it is also on the decline.

It seems as if Toyota can walk – or rather corre – on water at a moment's notice. Which their new cars actually do. But that's another conversation. Read more about it here.

However, the trees grow far into the sky for the Japanese. In the home market of Japan, Toyota's sales have fallen by 14 percent.

And in China, which has the world's absolute largest car market, Toyota looks like a brand headed for collapse. In the same period, Japanese sales of new cars fell by as much as 27 percent.

Reuters writes that.

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Conversely, Toyota is far from the only car brand struggling in China. Indeed, the dictatorship's own car brands have it too.

One car brand that has taken the consequences is crisis-stricken Aiways. The brand is now closing all its activity in China, except for the factories, to focus exclusively on markets outside of China.

However, Toyota can take comfort in the fact that the decline in the big picture is only 0.5 percent. This is due, among other things, to great progress in Europe. Just like the American dealers pull their share of the load.

At home, Toyota can also note down a place as number one on the sales lists. In fact, the brand even beats last year's absolute number one by quite a nice margin. Read more about it here .

The Japanese are also adamant that their strategy is the right one. Both Subaru and Mazda have also been involved in this.

Together, the three brands recently pledged to continue development of the internal combustion engine. Interestingly, in that context, Mazda is betting on a development of the Wankel engine.

An engine which, after being buried together with the RX-8 in 2012, is now making a comeback. And actually in an electric car of all things.

In the small MX-30, the wankel engine acts as a range extender. And not only that. In order to get sales going at home, Mazda tried in April to make the MX-30 Denmark's cheapest electric car. Read more about it here .

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