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DEBATE: These car taxes are completely wrong in Denmark, Finn believes

Since 1998, Finn Olesen has been trying to call out the politicians in Christiansborg. He believes that there is something completely wrong with car taxes in this country.

"To the rising fuel prices that were debated in various groups, I think I would like to add a few words.

Because the taxes are completely out of proportion, as they have increased 1,300 percent in relation to the price of crude oil per tonne over the years.

Those of us who hate fossil cars are fools, we now pay for the wear and tear of the heavy electric cars via taxes. 4 million tonnes of asphalt are laid annually on Danish roads. Something that with the electric cars will increase to double when they once dominate.

Denmark has 74,784 km of paved roads, of which 3,835 km. Approx. 25-30 kg CO2 per tonnes of asphalt produced.

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And then there are the petrol and diesel cars, and what they are now and will continue to do. There are green petrol and diesel that are environmentally friendly. Among other things. GTL diesel.

Porsche has also invented a CO2- and sulphur-neutral petrol. Why are those variations not tax-reduced?

GTL diesel is so clean that the equipment of the car showrooms can hardly measure anything other than clean air. Still, there are only 50 GTL stands in Denmark. And it is a krone more expensive per liters than regular diesel.

New diesel cars are literally so good that what comes out of the exhaust is cleaner than what it sucks in.

I feel that Lars, Dan Jorgensen and others in the government do not prioritize the welfare of the car park, and rightly so, but rather the well-being of others. Perhaps professionals could come up with their views and evidence for which venture and path we should strive for.

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Personally, I keep my petrol car until it is completely worn out. It's fine with those who want to drive an electric car, I just don't have to pay for it with higher taxes.

Since 1998, I have been fighting with ministries for a fairer tax system without weight/owner tax. But where you pay according to consumption via a supplement of e.g. 1 kroner per ltr., kW or similar.

The seller then pays for the 50,000 kilometers he wears the roads with per year. While the Sunday driver pays for the 2,000 kilometers she drives.

Again, I would like to conclude by pointing out that I have nothing against electric cars. In fact, I intend to buy a Citroën e-C3 or similar in that size when my own car faces a replacement.

Dan Jorgensen, however, sticks his tail between his legs when he is confronted with my questions. The finances of ordinary citizens are not taken into account. But fortunately there is a prospect for electric cars under 200,000 kroner.

On top of my words, it is more the rule than the exception that especially electric car fanatics will come up with attacks and questions about sources, technology, etc.

I can answer the same thing many times, and even to the same people several times. Therefore, I leave these words here, and then let Google be your friend.”

Finn Olesen, Fredericia

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