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DEBATE: Driving an electric car is a waste of twice as much time, Kai believes

Kai Hansen does not understand people in electric cars who bother to waste twice as much time on both the roads and at the charging stations around the country.

"I am 76 and a retired mechanical engineer, fled from Copenhagen after 63 years to the truly lovely Denmark (Sonderjylland).

Today I am (naturally) choral petrol car, since the CO2 hysteria has caused normal, well-educated people to almost give up because of the self-invented theories of the "academics" and other "lemmings" about the state of the planet and CO2, which now unfortunately has gone completely off the rails!!

Unfortunately, people believe more in a Swedish teenage girl than a Nobel Prize winner in 2022 (John Clauser). Unfortunately, this is the new "truth" that we are forced to pay for, and which of course will never produce results!!

Some people seriously believe that humans can control the earth's climate, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis?

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However, read the definitive proof to the contrary. Climate history where the temperature goes from warm to ice ages, completely without human intervention (and CO2).

Greenland is called "Gronland" because there were only trees for the time and no ice. The ice didn't come until much later!

How did the ice melt after the great ice ages?? Did a few petrol or diesel cars come by and emit some CO2? No, the planet itself can do that, and no one else!!

Of course, we can't do anything. It's too big for us little people. Recognize it though.

As I wrote earlier, I am a Copenhagener, and have seen how the wasted time has been calculated several times due to queues in the traffic towards Copenhagen, which after all amounts to several billion kroner every year.

Why don't you use the same calculation when talking about electric cars regarding the waiting time for and while charging is taking place???

Is it because the CO2 hysterics forget that it is exactly the same as sitting in a car cow? If you just need to pour a little petrol or diesel on the fire, you can say that those who drive electric cars are both in the car cow and the car cow. So the double waste time.

Who will pay for consultants, fitters, traveling salesmen and others to spend double the time? The customers, of course!

It is something that, as a former boss and normally thinking person, you would call a colossal waste of time and money. Or?"

Kai Hansen, Graasten.


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