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Angry activists throw bricks at motorists

In a combined April Fool's joke and protest action, activists in the Canadian city of Vancouver encouraged pedestrians to arm themselves with bricks.

On April 1 this year, a number of activists in the Canadian city of Vancouver used alternative methods to get their message across to the city's motorists.

The activists fighting to get the cars out of the city called on pedestrians to arm themselves with bricks when crossing a pedestrian crossing.

This is written by CBC News .

The action also caused drivers to stop for pedestrians. Possibly for fear of having a brick thrown through the windshield.

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Just that day, however, motorists had nothing to fear. At least not from the activists. The protest group claimed they were only encouraging pedestrians to bring dummies across the road.

In other words 'bricks' of foam. Nevertheless, the bricks look quite lifelike from a distance.

– We wanted to show that we can actually do something. Even if it's just waving a brick.

– Suddenly they no longer have problems seeing and stopping for pedestrians, the group tells the media.

In response to the protest, the Vancouver city government has said that pedestrian safety is one of its top priorities.

Therefore, the city government has also decided to prohibit motorists from driving over 30 km/h in the area where the activists demonstrated. Because the speed limit was 50 km/h.

It is far from the first time that activists have seen themselves angry with motorists. Here at home, an environmental activist group appears at regular intervals, because the members i.a. sits on highways. This leads to quite clear conflicts with motorists. Read more about it here .

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