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School teacher gets parking ticket for putting car up for sale

An American driver was on his way out of the country and therefore just wanted to get rid of his car. That's why he put a "for sale" sign in the windshield of his pickup truck.

Will Cramer was on his way out of the US when he got a parking ticket.

And even in front of his own house, where his car – a 1987 Chevy Deluxe – was parked. There was really nothing wrong with the parking itself. Still, the pickup stuck out in the landscape.

Having a "for sale" sign in the windshield, as strange as it sounds, is illegal. At least in the city of Nazareth, located in the state of Texas. Here, motorists are also not allowed to 'work on' a car that is parked on the street.

This is what the Institute for Justice writes in a press release .

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Will Cramer was ticketed for parking on a public road and not in a private driveway. At first he also chose to pay the fine.

But after some reflection, he has chosen to strike again against the law, which seems completely absurd. So now he has chosen to sue the city government in Nazareth at a federal court. Cramer believes that the fine has violated his freedom of speech.

And Will Cramer isn't the only one who thinks he has a good case against the Nazareth city government. One of his lawyers, Bobbi Taylor, thinks so too.

– People have been putting "for sale" signs on cars for as long as cars have existed. There is no legitimate reason why the city government now prohibits this kind of thing, says the lawyer.

And if the city government is to actually enforce the ban concretely, all messages that can be put on cars must be banned, the lawyer believes.

Right now, Will Cramer works as an English teacher in the Philippines, but when he returns to the United States, he is also ready to go to court to be allowed to draw attention to his other car, a 2009 Buick LaCrosse, in the same way.

Cramer is not the only one who has taken up the fight against absurd booths and the laws behind them. In August of last year, an officer was accused of giving a Honda owner a speeding ticket without any reason in reality. Read more about it here .

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