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Germany bans popular car tires from October

Germany is well on its way to phasing in a ban on a type of car tire that hasn't been in production since 2017.

Many of these tires still exist. But the industry stopped using the so-called 'M+S' marking on tires already in 2017.

Therefore, it should not be possible for many to buy the new tyres, due to their guaranteed high age. However, it is no guarantee that the tires are not out there.

Now, however, Germany is introducing a ban. From October 2024, tires with the 'M+S' marking will no longer be permitted, either new or used.

This is written by Autobild .

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Tire manufacturers previously used the designation internally to describe a winter/all-season tire that is suitable for 'mud and snow'. But that arrangement has been moved away from.

Germany will now introduce a ban which de facto makes it impossible for the symbol to appear on new tyres.

From now on, tire manufacturers may only use the small mountain and snowflake symbol on winter tires. It is in any case necessary if these are to be legal for use on roads.

Motorists who have 'M+S' tires sitting in the garage should also consider whether fitting them is worth the trouble. Especially if a trip to Germany is planned.

According to Autobild, for example, being caught in a car with 'M+S' tires after October 2024 can result in fines of up to 120 euros, equivalent to 895 kroner. The fine is largest in the event of accidents.

The new legislation could mean that insurance companies refuse to cover damage to cars with the incorrect and soon to be illegal tyres.

In Germany, it is considered grossly negligent to be caught with the wrong tires on in the event of an accident, especially in winter.

However, it is not only Germany where the authorities crack down on 'forgetful' drivers. Earlier this year, a Dane had his driver's license revoked in Norway because he was stopped with summer tires on. Read more about it here .

Read more about the conditions on Danish and international roads right here!


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