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Electric cars must cover more than 100,000 kilometers to make less noise

According to a new survey by BloombergNEF, there isn't much to rave about. The electric car is just better. At least when it comes to pollution.

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly large part of the car fleet. Not just at home but globally. A single country has already decided to ban the import of diesel and petrol cars. Read more here .

And in Norway, they are adamant that new diesel and petrol cars must be phased out by 1 January 2025 at the latest. So in a little while.

And if it is the emissions you are looking to reduce, then the electric car is the clear first choice. And maybe the only right choice.

This is confirmed by a survey conducted by the analysis department at Bloomberg, BloombergNEF. The survey indicates that electric cars already today emit less than an equivalent petrol car.

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According to BloombergNEF, how much/little an electric car emits depends on two things. Namely how much the electric cars run and how they are charged. It also depends on what the current is made of.

However, BloombergNEF also states that the electric car loses the most in production. That is, in the factories. However, the distance to the petrol car catches up with the electric car over time, according to the analysis department.

And after 250,000 kilometers, electric cars both in China, the USA, Germany, England and Japan, which the people behind the study have looked at, will have emitted between 27 and 71 percent less CO2 than the corresponding cars with a combustion engine.

However, there is a big difference in when the electric car catches up with the petrol car. That is, from country to country. In the United States, 41,000 more kilometers are needed today. The NEF reckons that an American will sing in two years.

But it will take a Chinese in an electric car 10 years or 118,000 kilometers to catch up with the petrol car's CO2 lead.

However, the difference will decrease over time. And in 2030, NEF expects that an American will have to drive 21,000 kilometers in an electric car, while a Chinese will have to drive 53,000 kilometers to catch up with the same CO2 lead from the internal combustion engine.

However, not everyone believes in the electric car as fully and firmly. Toyota, for example, promises to stick with the internal combustion engine. Also the one that runs on diesel.

And at BMW, they absolutely refuse to put a date on when the brand built the last car with a combustion engine. Audi, on the other hand, would like that. Read more about it here .


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