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Car dealers still believe the Danish car brand will survive

There are indications that Fisker is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and that a dramatic rescue plan is needed to reverse the trend. Still, some retailers still believe in the idea.

Fisker Inc. now says that they have run out of stock of cars from last year. In fact, there should be so few stock cars left that it is difficult to find one in Europe.

The brand says so on Facebook .

Stocks will probably only get smaller, however, because Fisker has lowered the price enormously. In Denmark, for example, the price has fallen by as much as DKK 200,000.

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On the other hand, drivers should not expect any kind of warranty on the cars. Still, there are dealers who still believe in the project.

That's what Automotive News writes.

Two of the three American car dealers that Fisker himself mentions on the brand's website say that 'one hopes for the best'. And in New York, the dealer says frankly that there is a lot of interest in the cars.

– At present, we are still selling the cars. Only time will tell what happens. I love the car.

– It is very solid and well built. We just hope for the best, says dealer Val Ranguelov to the media.

In February, Fisker told its investors that it had lost 463 million dollars during the fourth quarter of 2023. And that, among other things, the brand fired 15 percent of all its employees.

In March, it emerged that Fisker cannot guarantee its own survival. However, the car brand is looking for solutions. Something Nissan should not be a part of. The Japanese were allegedly otherwise interested but jumped from a rescue plan again.

Right now, production at the factory in Austria, which Fisker rents to, is at a standstill. For the time being, it will be like this for six weeks.

Conversely, Fisker Inc. not the only car brand with serious pocket pain. This week it emerged that Tesla is laying off 10 percent of its 148,000 employees worldwide. Read more about it here .

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